Big Step Timing

Posted by on Jan 27, 2013

Must be the time of year but I’ve been thinking about what makes people take big steps in their lives. I’ll try and constrain this to business although having proposed, gone through with it (!) and then had children there are other perspectives to be had.

So why do people start companies, or specifically what makes them start at that point? Usually something else makes the decision obvious:

- I’ve been made redundant
- I’ve been made an offer which gives me the path I have been looking for
- Somebody has offered money
- Something changed in my personal life
- something or someone said one thing that inspired me.

These are all events, often outside our control that cause us to grab an opportunity. What seldom causes people to actually start businesses?

- that awesome article in tech blab about the latest US success stories
- Buying and reading the latest book on lean/fat/thin/round/strapping/business methods
- blogs on starting companies

People do all of the above as training but there is only so much training you can do before you have to start the race….